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Hitting the streets of Adelaide for the first time as a busker back in late 2009, I could never have guessed that my music would have been so widely and positivly recieved.

Soon after I started, these facebook groups about this "crazy keyboard guy" started up, reaching over 13,000 likes collectively at it's high point.

     The music I play is all improvised around styles inspired from being out on the street, my musical influences and everyday life.

Performing right in front of people is just so much fun. Working off the crowd enegry. Being right there all together, all literally at the same level. It's just too awesome. 

It's all so imediate and of the moment.

    My fave places to play are Rundle Mall and Hindley Street, but anywhere there is a keyboard and an audience I'm right at home.  

It has been an exciting and rewarding journey.


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It's these two "80's vs the future" synths that I now play on the street

along with the MZ-2000. The Casio XW-G1 & XW-P1 are the coolest

and most versatile synths around today.

Insane mono synth, 6 voice hex layers, step sequencer.

In a word..........awesome.

This is my current "hero" synth.

The Casio MZ-2000 came out 16 years ago and is the most hard edge, aggressive and fattest synth I've ever used.

It's big, it's heavy, it's loud and it is the backbone of my street sound.

There is just something magical about the Casio WK-3700.

This was the first keyboard I took out busking.

Based on MZ-2000 technology, this bad boy has so much mojo

and such flexible DSP, it's a true "players" synth.


Street   Level   Music

Weapons   Of   Choice


Let's take a look at the keyboards I use on the street.